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What can Vulcan water treatment do for you?

  • Alters the minerals in the water to prevent scale buildup
  • Eliminates the scale buildup that can damage appliances and clog plumbing
  • Prevents soap scum that can foul up showers and bathtubs
  • Increases the efficiency and life span of water heaters
  • Better for tankless water heaters than a traditional water softener
  • Treats your water without adding anything to it
  • Requires absolutely no maintenance

Please click to access the following materials: Vulcan_Brochure_English-2016, Vulcan_Reference_Book_EN, and specific information about using Vulcan water treatment for cooling towers.

Florida State University AME and Materials Research Building is just one of many buildings on campus protected by the Vulcan electronic descaler.

The Components of the Vulcan Water Treatment System:

The Vulcan water treatment system is essentially made up of 2 different parts: the electronic control unit and copper impulse bands.

The Vulcan electronic control unit provides the programming and carefully calibrated electronic impulses.  It is encased in acrylic to thoroughly protect it from heat (up to 122˚ F), cold (down to 5˚ F), humidity, dirt and dust.  The acrylic cast also provides an internal vacuum that eliminates any heat production and creates the perfect insulation to prevent internal shorts.  This is a significant factor in the long life of the Vulcan water treatment system and one of the unique features that set it apart from other descaling products.

The secondary components of the Vulcan water treatment system are the copper impulse bands.  These bands wrap around the outside of the pipe and transmit the electronic impulses from the Vulcan control unit through the water within the pipe.  The Vulcan impulse bands are minimally insulated and shaped to achieve the maximum surface area contact with the pipe to improve transmission by up to 40% over the standard round wire used in other systems.

The bands can be installed on any pipe material.
PVC, PEX, copper, galvanized iron, stainless steel
and any combination of those are all ideal and will
work perfectly with the Vulcan.

 Vulcan is NOT Magnetic:

The biggest difference between the Vulcan electronic descaler and all other descaling units is that it is not magnetic.  Magnetic systems depend on the water flow within the pipe to generate electricity and are therefore vulnerable to the fluctuations that occur with normal water use.  The Vulcan water treatment system operates 100% independently of the water flow to provide reliable impulses and guarantee consistent output at all times.  It receives electrical power through a standard plug, but the usage ranges from 1.75 to 3.25 Watt (depending on the size of the unit) resulting in operating costs of approximately $5 to $7 per year.  That’s a very small price to pay for consistent results.

Another problem that results from using magnetism for water treatment is biofilm.  Magnets attract metallic objects, no matter how small.  Electronic descalers that use magnetism pull metallic particles to inside wall of the pipe where they collect and form a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms.  Most manufacturers recommend turning their system off periodically to flush out this buildup.  Not only are such interruptions in service absolutely unnecessary for the Vulcan water treatment system, but the Vulcan has been shown to reduce biofilm throughout the plumbing system that it treats.

Please click HERE for a more detailed explanation of how the Vulcan treats hard water.

Further Information from the Manufacturer:

The following is a video made by CWT, the company that designed and manufactures the Vulcan water treatment system.  It includes some history of their company, illustrates how the electronic descaler works, shows a basic installation, and lists the benefits.


The manufacturer of the Vulcan has also put together brochures for many specific applications, from agriculture to solar water heating.  Please click to access the Vulcan application brochures.

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