When a mortgage company requires a water test for a new house purchase, they typically want to ensure that the water quality meets certain standards and that there are no contaminants that could pose health risks or affect the property value. Here are some steps you can take:

Contact the Mortgage Company: First, clarify with your mortgage company about the specific requirements for the water test. They may have specific parameters they want to be tested for and they might have a list of approved testing labs.

Schedule a Water Test: Once you have the requirements, contact Ackuritlabs in Tallahassee, a certified water testing laboratory, to schedule a water test. We can perform the water testing required for FHA, VA, USDA, and conventional loans. Results are available in 4 business days or less and can be emailed directly to you and your agent or lender. We will also provide a sampling kit and instructions or collect the samples for you.

Collect Water Samples: Follow the instructions provided by the testing lab to collect water samples. Typically, you’ll need samples from different sources in the house, such as taps in the kitchen and bathroom. Follow any specific guidelines for sample collection provided by the testing facility.

Test Parameters: Common parameters tested in a water test include:

    • Bacteria (e.g., coliform bacteria): Indicates the presence of harmful microorganisms.
    • Nitrates and Nitrites: High levels could indicate contamination from fertilizers or septic systems.
    • Lead and other heavy metals: Can come from plumbing or environmental sources.
    • pH levels: Measures the acidity or alkalinity of the water.
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): Measures the concentration of dissolved minerals in the water.

Submit Samples: Once you’ve collected the samples, return them to the testing lab promptly. Follow their instructions for packaging and submitting the samples.

Receive and Review Results: We will provide a detailed report of the water test results. Check if the values meet the standards set by your mortgage company and local health regulations.

Address Issues if Necessary: If the water test reveals any problems, you may need to address them before the mortgage company finalizes the loan. This could involve installing water treatment systems or fixing issues with the plumbing.

Remember, the specific requirements for a water test can vary, so always check with your mortgage company and our lab for guidance tailored to your situation.


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