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Ackuritlabs, Inc. Core Values

  • Accuracy – I am totally committed to being correct and precise in all my laboratory measurements and in the set up and installation of our products and services. I take responsibility for any errors and make corrections promptly. I am committed to continual improvement each week through education, learning, and training.
  • Adaptability – I nurture the ability to learn from experience and improve my ability to implement new discovered resources. I cultivate the capacity to recover quickly from the demands of daily life and adjust to change.
  • Compassion – I promote an ethic of caring across the entire company culture creating a positive workplace that benefits both fellow employees and customers. I am fair and act in a warm, friendly, and supportive way, building high quality relationships. I promote empathy, which is compassion in action, by supporting our local and global community through giving of my time and finances on a routine basis,
  • Determination – I embrace the passion to help others with my business services or products as this is vital to my mission. I am focused on what I want to achieve and develop strategies to overcome challenges or obstacles. I develop good character by being steadfast and purposeful to achieve honorable goals. I resolve to persevere with courage and tenacity to face head on and overcome daily challenges and struggles.
  • Encouragement – I listen to customers and team members with my full, undivided attention. I affirm others in an uplifting way and offer perspective by being optimistic and positive. I instill courage in others by praising the actual, acknowledging the potential, and promoting accountability.
  • Good Attitude – I bring optimism into my life and use positive words to promote strength and success to my fellow team members and customers. I am receptive to helping people, respecting colleagues, setting goals, and keeping an open mind to meeting new people and experiencing new events. I am in control of my outlook and I adopt beliefs that frame events in a positive way which helps me accomplish tasks faster and in a better manner. I smile.
  • Hard Work – I study and prepare a plan of action and establish goals for each day, each quarter, and each year. I am diligent and industrious in achieving these goals with an energetic and enthusiastic attitude. I commit to the discipline to be productive each and every day.
  • Health – I have a true interest in my and my team members’ well-being. I prioritize fitness, nutrition, and sleep which helps me sharpen my focus, reduce stress, and improve work performance. I maintain a balanced life by remembering to give attention to my spiritual, family, fitness, and social needs as well as financial and business goals.
  • Integrity – I strictly adhere to our laboratory’s Quality Management System which meets all local, state, and federal laws to consistently provide data of known and documented quality that meets our clients’ needs. I exercise sound judgement and proper scientific decisions making in establishing, performing, and evaluating laboratory testing. I maintain strict confidentiality of information and test results. I make commitments to myself and others that I intend to keep. I treat people fairly and with respect to preserve the dignity and privacy of others.
  • Joy – I have a profound peace, comfort, stability, and a sense of well-being from the expectation of something wonderful. I believe in the settled assurance that God is in control, so that although happiness may come and go, the delight of the Lord is permanent. I make the determined choice to praise God in all situations.
  • Thankfulness– I am blessed. I recognize that the positive things in m life are often due to the efforts of other people, so I say thank you and show my appreciation. I know that the people I work with and the people we serve are the cornerstone of our organization and the basis for success. I have an attitude of gratitude. I am grateful even during adversity.
  • Trustworthiness – I consistently deliver on my promises. I only promise when I know I will be able to deliver on that promise. I am sincere and reliable. I am authentic in my relationships with others and take responsibility for my words and actions. I am honest and truthful.
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