Todd Acker, Laboratory and Technical Director at Ackuritlabs demonstrates in this video that the look of your water can be deceiving.
You won’t believe what’s in this water!

If you are on a well, it is vital that you get your water tested by a state-certified laboratory. Ackuritlabs, Inc. is an environmental laboratory certified on both the state and national levels. We can test your water and diagnose any well water problems (including color, odor, staining, and contamination). We are the water treatment experts for North Florida and South Georgia.

Ackuritlabs sells and services water filters and other water treatment systems. You will get honest advice and you will never be sold equipment that you don’t need. At Ackuritlabs, Inc., the approach is to educate you about your options with no pushy sales pitches or scare tactics. Not everyone needs to treat their water, but we are here to help those who do find the right system to solve their specific water quality problems.

How to Get Your Water Tested

Contact ACKURITLABS, INC in Tallahassee, Florida to get your water tested.
Ackuritlabs, Inc. hires only degreed chemists and microbiologists with two technical directors each who have over 20 years of experience in environmental, chemical, and biological analysis.
Ackuritlabs, Inc. is certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation (NELAP) and the State of Florida.
*Certification Number is E81350. View our Ackuritlabs-DOH-Certificate July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023, and Ackuritlabs-Scope-of-Accreditation July 1, 2022, to June 30, 2023. 


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