Wouldn’t you like to keep your system in PEAK CONDITION with an annual MAINTENANCE PLAN (PPP)? Now available in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Our experts will review your system’s parts, run tests for peak functionality, and repair or replace anything troublesome.

Let us do the work for you to eliminate or catch any problematic areas.

Details of Service:

  • Clean injectors on units
  • Set times on equipment
  • Check water level in salt tank
  • Adjust Floats
  • Inspect points on pressure switches
  • Check air in pressure tank
  • Clean drain flow controls
  • Remove and clean spacer stack, piston, and internal parts
  • Check performance of the system with a Filter Survey Analysis
  • Check safety of the water supply with a Bacteria Analysis
  • Add Res-Up, Chlorine, or BanT as needed
  • 1 visit per year
  • Priority Service Calls

Price: $219 annually or $19/month.
(Plus $89.98 annually per additional system)
The Peak Performance Plan Agreement does not cover damages to transformers and boards resulting from lightning strikes or power surges.
Additional limitations may apply.

Remember…Water is Life and we Fix Water!
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